Don't you love when things just seem to work out and be meant to be? Rob and Natalie connected with me through a mutual friend a couple months ago.  Let me tell you, they are the kindest people and and we seemed to just click right away.  It wasn't until a few emails back and forth that we figured out that we live 2 and a half hours apart!  Now at this point, we could have parted ways, but I'm so glad they decided to stick with me as their photographer, otherwise I would have never met the sweet little one you are about to meet.  It was so so special to drive down and meet little miss Juliet and see these two wonderful people again.  Makes me wish we lived closer to each other! 

Sometimes it's hard to find words to describe the joy and beauty I see in these fresh little babies. I'm at a loss for words.  She is simply perfect. 

Newborn Baby Girl Floral
Baby Girl Floral
Newborn Baby Toes
Smiling Newborn Baby Girl
Wheaton Newborn Girl
Newborn Hands
Floral Wreath Newborn Girl
Newborn Lifestyle Family Wheaton
Lifestyle Newborn Photo Wheaton
Newborn Lifestyle Family Picture
Newborn & Dad Hands