Ahhh!  Well, the day has come!  I turn THIRTY (wha?!) today!  Wohoooo! And the obligatory picture...

Photo Credit: Katie Garrett

Photo Credit: Katie Garrett

A few years ago, I think I was 25 or 26 at the time, my then boss challenged me to write out some goals for myself to meet by the time I turned 30.  I'm so glad he did that (thanks Scott!), and that I followed his advice.  Not just because I love lists and a good challenge, but because it gave me a bigger picture to strive for in the everyday nitty gritty.  

Well, the dream for "Emily Adams Photography" was on paper! And I am celebrating that we have arrived and met a BIG goal!  This has been my best year in business so far (and we're only half way through!)- and it's all because of my lovely clients and all my cheerleaders along the way (especially my husband and my mom!).  THANK YOU!  

This baby has been a labor of love with doubts and struggles along the way.... but I am soo glad I stuck with it.  I so value and believe in the product: images that bring so much joy and last a lifetime.  And from how it looks-  thankfully you all believe in it too! 

So, here's to celebrating 30, meeting a big goal, and dreaming up big new goals for the next 10 years!  Bring it on 30's!  
Time to CELEBRATE!  

And about writing some new goals too.... what do you think should be on my list?!  Because right now I have no idea! 


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