I am convinced that there isn't anything much sweeter than a brand new squishy baby.  Who can resist staring at the intricately woven details of a brand new human being and watching the sweetness of their every sleepy move? 

I'd like to introduce you all to this perfect 6 pound 14 ounce bundle of sweetness- Jonah Ryan!  He is already so very loved, and his parents couldn't be prouder! Congratulations Jake & Erika!  

Now enjoy anew the wonder of a brand new little human and his sweet little family... 

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cocooned newborn baby boy
newborn baby feet
simple swaddle newborn
newborn with white blanket
newborn baby boy and dad
swaddled newborn baby boy
parents kissing newborn baby boy
mom adoring newborn baby
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newborn baby boy held by mom
mom and newborn baby boy
smiling newborn baby boy
newborn family picture
dad holding newborn baby boy

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