PIES! Ohhhh my.... The last few years it has become a tradition for Leah to bring a chocolate cream pie for Thanksgiving.  As if I didn't love Thanksgiving already... now it's even better!  I don't know how anyone can resist the decadence of a homemade chocolate cream pie (my absolute favorite if you couldn't tell by now!).  

Here's the best part.... Leah is now selling her pies locally in the western suburbs of Chicago.  If you don't live here... I'm so sorry, you are missing out big time!  Head over to her brand new website www.tandempie.com featuring some photos I took of her delicious pies... here are a few teasers for you. 

Chicago Chocolate Cream Pie
Chicago Cranberry Pie
Chicago Chocolate Pecan Pie
Chicago Key Lime Pie

And now that you are all craving pies... I'm a little bit sorry, but not really... go buy one and fill your bellies with all the goodness of a homemade pie!