Jake... what do I even say about this guy?!  Full of quirks and so much heart and passion in life, he is one of my husband's closest friends from college.  He and Austin even share the same exact birthday and were born just a few hours and states apart.  They lovingly refer to themselves as "womb brothers". Ha!  Jake was there when Austin started pursing me and was a great encouragement to us as we continued in our relationship.  He was even there during our proposal snapping pictures from up in a tree with MY camera... but that's a whole other story! Needless to say, he has been a great friend to us and we have been praying for him and his future wife for years... 

The day finally came when Jake told us he met a girl... enter LEXI.  We knew right away this girl had to be a really special one!  He showed us one picture and we all agreed she is drop dead GORGEOUS and already liked her without meeting her.  I think you'll agree this girl's smile will light up your day and she just comes across as a warm friendly person.  Well, good news is we also came to see that she has a beautiful heart and that she will be so so good for good ol' Jake.  We adore this lady!  Glad things could come full circle for me to take THEIR engagement pictures! 

Congrats Jake & Lexi! You've got a bright adventure in marriage with plenty of ups and downs ahead of you.  We love you both and are praying for you as you begin life together!  Blessings my friends!  Now, let's all enjoy PART 1 of their engagement session.... more winter appropriate pictures to come! 




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